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Hair Extensions That Won’t Break Your Hair (or Your Bank) on

Hair Extensions That Won’t Break Your Hair (or Your Bank)

If you’re ready to jump into the world of hair extensions, there are some things you really have to know before you get out your wallet! To make things a bit easier, we’ve created a list of our favorite extension brands that do well with any hair type, a range of budgets, and application options. While some of these brands might be a bit more expensive than others, to balance the budget and the quality to protect your natural hair, we’ve found a middle ground we know you’ll be happy with!

Donna Bella Hair

Donna Bella is a brand that prides itself on the fact that it’s the leader in selling high quality products, from styling equipment to extensions of all varieties. They offer a range of extensions, from I-Link, Kera-Link, Tape-In, and Flat-Tip, each with their own benefits. No heat and completely invisible, Donna Bella makes sure that the hair they provide is healthy and exactly what you want for the price.

Balmain Paris Hair

We had to include Balmain, because for the price, you get even more out of the products they offer. Balmain Paris goes to great lengths to provide innovative extensions, such as their Fill-In extensions, which are simply clipped in and are one single piece to minimize the hassle of multiple pieces. These human hair single installments are a great option for those of you who want to have some versatility when it comes to your styling!

Hot Heads

Hot Heads is a newer company that has been changing the fashion game over the last few years. With their range of products and their hand in humanitarian relief projects, you can’t say no to these amazing creators. Not only do they offer multiple packages that can be used for different looks, but they also extend their experience to covering a huge selection of colors. Hot Heads without a doubt has the biggest color variety when it comes to human hair extensions. We don’t even want to get started on their natural gradient extensions called Color Melts: talk about stunning!

If you’re in the mood to change up your hair and try out extensions, our stylists can advise you on the best options for the look you want. Schedule an appointment today.

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