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Hot Beach Hair Looks – Swimhair Edition on

Hot Beach Hair Looks – Swimhair Edition

You no longer have to scroll through Pinterest for hairstyle ideas while you’re in the car on the way to the beach. We’ve gathered up some of the most popular and easiest styles for you to sport at the beach that will look great throughout some fun in the sun. This beachy inspired hair guide has you covered for the remaining month of summer, so enjoy it while you can, without any stress from your hair!

Try out some of these looks and let us know which ones you like the best!

1 Half Up

Hot Beach Hair Looks – Swimhair Edition on buildingbeautymaster.comWhy not try this half up and half down style? If you want to keep flyaways back off of your face when going out into the breeze, but still want to leave your hair down, this is the perfect happy medium!
Image source: Pinterest

2 Space Buns

Hot Beach Hair Looks – Swimhair Edition on buildingbeautymaster.comOf course we had to include space buns! This double bun style is super cute and looks great with any hair type and texture! Whether or not you leave half your hair down with this look or you wear all of your hair in the two high buns, you’ll be looking great!
Image Source: Pinterest

3 Messy Pony

Hot Beach Hair Looks – Swimhair Edition on buildingbeautymaster.comA classic pony is a must, but if you want to switch it up, opt for a lower styled look and spray your ends with sea salt spray to make your hair a bit more textured and naturally tousled. This look is great if you still want to show off your impressive length while also keeping the hair off your face. You can always pull out a few pieces to frame your face as well if you choose!
Image Source: Pinterest

4 Low Bun

Hot Beach Hair Looks – Swimhair Edition on buildingbeautymaster.comIf you want your hair to look a bit more refined but are attracted to the low ponytail as well, a great option is to go for a low loose braid that has been wrapped up into a “messy” bun that looks perfectly in place. This looks fantastic with a few strands of hair being pulled out so it gives off an effortless style. You can’t go wrong with this beachy statement!
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5 Double French Braid

Hot Beach Hair Looks – Swimhair Edition on buildingbeautymaster.comHow could we leave out this gorgeous double French braid! The perfect style for you to try if you have a lot of length and have naturally thick hair, this style tames it and can be let down later in the day for a huge blast of volume and beachy waves that will last for days! If you wanted to give the illusion of longer hair you can always work with clip-in extensions that will blend seamlessly into your natural hair, plus they will be secure all day in the braids, so you won’t have to worry about seeing the clip-ins if your hair is moved!
Image Source: Pinterest

Want more advice on great summer styles or need to give that sun-soaked hair a little pampering? Schedule an appointment today for a great cut, color, or conditioning treatment that will keep your hair looking spectacular for the rest of the summer and beyond.

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