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Hottest Hair Trends for Fall 2017 on

Hottest Hair Trends for Fall 2017

Just because the end of the year is around the corner doesn’t mean that it’s too late to switch up your hair! Especially since fall fashion is the best time of the year to show off the newest trends we see on the red carpet and runways from fashion week. You don’t need to wait until the start of the New Year just for a fresh look. Live in the now with these hot hair trends for fall!

1 Bold Auburn Hottest Hair Trends for Fall 2017 on

Nothing says cozy and warm during fall more than a bold auburn hue. While it has always come back around in the fall, this year, individuals have decided to take it to a whole new level when it comes to how bold this color registers. Also known as a neon peach color, this dye job focuses on taking a classic darker auburn to new heights. Maximalism is coming back as we approach the end of the year because of influencers like Gucci, so stay ahead of the game with this beautiful color.

Image Source: Pinterest

2 The Shaggy LobHottest Hair Trends for Fall 2017 on

If you took a risk this summer and chopped your locks into a short blunt bob, have no fear, because the growing out process is no longer awkward. Instead, it’s what’s super hot for the transition between summer and fall! Grow out your length and add low lights for a bit of wow factor to refresh your look, as well as making it look intentional!
Image Source: Pinterest

3 Rose GoldHottest Hair Trends for Fall 2017 on

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that the rose gold trend has taken over every aspect of Hollywood lifestyles. From hair color to accents in your home, rose gold has been everywhere. It’s the metal that pairs perfectly with millennial pink, and 2017 wouldn’t be anything without it. When going to get your hair dyed this shade, we suggest that you try out a shadow root so it can really pop and warm up the transition for fall by bringing in some darker hues.
Image Source: Pinterest

4 The Big BuzzHottest Hair Trends for Fall 2017 on

Everyone has been cutting off their long locks to embrace this buzz trend, including Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry. Not only is this trend beautiful and generally looks great on anyone, it stands for something much more important: showing how beautiful someone can be without hiding behind their hair and embracing their confidence fully.
Image Source: Tumblr

BalayageHottest Hair Trends for Fall 2017 on

Many people hear the word “Balayage” and they run away. For some reason, this latest trend has left people confused and lost when they step into the salon, but we’re here to set the record straight so you no longer have to be afraid of this amazing technique you need to try this fall! Balayage is the process of highlighting your hair in a way that creates a natural gradient effect. It creates dimension, all because of the special application of “painting” it on in strokes so it doesn’t end up as a dip dye effect.
Image Source: Pinterest

Now that you have nothing to fear, will you be heading to the salon to have us work some magic on your hair for the new season? Contact us for an appointment today.

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