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Sophisticated Summer Bridal Hair on

Sophisticated Summer Bridal Hair

Long waves to short pixies, textured hair to elaborate braiding, we’ve seen it all when it comes to bridal hair, so we’ve curated a list of the hottest modern bridal hairstyles for summer that are no fuss and resistant to humidity, perfectly elegant and practical at the same time.

1 The ClassicSophisticated Summer Bridal Hair on

This take on the classic braided crown brings a sense of natural flow to the overall look of this wedding aesthetic. If you plan on having an outside summer wedding, this should be your go-to style simply because of its ability to be worn without much fuss throughout humidity, sweat, and movement. The elegance of this look leaves me speechless and the practicality is equally impressive.

2 Natural TextureSophisticated Summer Bridal Hair on

There’s nothing wrong or unsophisticated about embracing your natural texture. Use accessories or fresh flowers to really dress up your thick curls and you’ll be good to go! You’ll not only look amazing, but if you condition and blow out your hair the day before, you’ll have ample volume that won’t flatten just because of the summer humidity!

3 Loose CurlsSophisticated Summer Bridal Hair on

These wedding curls really frame the face in a sophisticated way that will complement your bridal makeup and can easily be decorated with matching accessories. Whether or not you add flowers to dress up this look or keep it simple, this no-fuss hairstyle is easy and can be thrown back into a loose bun when it gets too hot on the dance floor!

4 SimplicitySophisticated Summer Bridal Hair on

Keeping it simple and embracing the minimalistic trend that’s been circling the web this year really will help you look stylish and fresh. Pulling your hair back to a loosely twisted bun and using a simple white ribbon to bring the look together will stand out with elegance while still looking modernly chic.

5 Cut ShortSophisticated Summer Bridal Hair on

Having a sophisticated bridal hairstyle isn’t just reserved for those who have long locks. You can bring your classic style to a short pixie cut just as well! Using a light styling mousse to create texture and a light swoop of the fringe will highlight the neckline of your dress in a beautiful way, complementing your shoulders and elongating your neck. Plus you’ll stay cool throughout the ceremony! It’s a win-win!

Whether you’re looking for a new everyday summer style or need an expert to help you with styling for your special day, schedule an appointment with our stylists to get you looking as elegant and beautiful as you are inside.

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