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Summer S.O.S. Haircare

Summer is all about having fun in the sun, catching the waves, and embracing the natural side of beauty. But you can’t go out in the blazing rays without any preparation, especially when it comes to your hair. Just because your hair looks great on the outside doesn’t mean it should be ignored, because haircare goes much deeper than you might expect! If you plan on soaking up the last month of summer, there are some rejuvenating tips you can implement into your haircare routine to repair damage from previous months and refresh before the cozy fall season that’s right around the corner.

Dealing with split ends

First and foremost, one of the most prominent issues we notice when it comes to the health of our hair are pesky split ends. Before you go chopping away at the ends of your hair to try to rid them, know that not only will that leave you with a not-so-cute haircut, but you’ll also encourage the damage to return to each hair strand. Instead, start by applying your favorite hair conditioner from about halfway down your hair length. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush in the application evenly; this will nourish your hair and lock in moisture while getting all the tangles out. If you have minor split ends, this little S.O.S. hair trick will help minimize and repair your hair over time. Do this once a week or as much as necessary to see a difference.

Leave-in conditioner

Speaking of conditioner, finding a leave-in product for when you get out of the shower can be a life-changing moment! Leave-in conditioner solves a whole list of issues, but most important it helps prevent split ends, decreases dandruff, and encourages natural oils and moisture to hydrate your hair for health and a natural shine! If you’re new to this side of the haircare world, check out Living proof leave-in conditioner, perfect for all hair types!

Turn off the heat

Put your heat styling tools away! For those of you who constantly curl or straighten your hair, it’s time to retire those bad boys and really embrace natural styling. From braiding your hair or adding pin twists after a shower for loose beachy waves in the morning, there are so many other options for you to experiment with so you don’t have to deal with excessive heat that not only damages your hair but will also dry out your scalp.

End of summer trim

Not only will a trim before fall rolls around improve your split end problems, but it will also give your hair a healthy rejuvenation to lessen the dullness you’ve probably begun to notice over the months of intense heat. You’ll feel a rise of confidence and give your hair a much-needed break.

For help with your summer hair and to refresh your look before fall gets here, make an appointment with our expert stylists today.

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