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How to Fake Big and Beautiful with Thin Hair

If you’ve always had problems with your hair holding curls, hair ties, or it doesn’t seem thick enough to comfortably wear down, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean that you have to accept the fact that your hair is thin, because we’re here to show you that you can transform your hair from here on out. From styling techniques to simple everyday products that will simplify your life and boost your confidence, we’ve got it handled!

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a highly underrated product that should be in everyone’s hands in the morning. You’re seriously missing out if you aren’t applying the godsend product to your roots every day before you go out the door. Dry shampoo can instantly transform your oil prone roots to dry and light, while also adding a bit of volume that will last all day. This product is an all-in-one and it covers every base when it comes to faking big and beautiful hair! We recommend Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo by Living Proof: it’s a dry substance that works with all hair colors and doesn’t leave a greasy finish later in the day!

Salon visits

Regularly scheduling an appointment to have a hair mask applied will increase shine and the natural health of your hair, and getting a simple trim will lighten your hair and get rid of those scraggly dead ends. You’ll be helping your hair promote growth and have a one-on-one opportunity with your stylist to ask any questions you have about your hair. Don’t be shy when it comes to asking what you need to know to take care of your hair the best you possibly can!


Sometimes just styling your hair in a different way can increase the natural volume you’ll have throughout your day or even till your next wash. When you’re styling freshly washed hair, blow dry while bending forward to increase the amount of volume you can get from a simple blow dry. From there, add volume to your part by using a dry shampoo or a styling product that doesn’t leave an oil residue. Try changing your part to a side part for an even bigger illusion of big beautiful locks!

Want more help for thin hair? Our expert stylists can not only give you a beautiful cut that is easy to maintain, but can give you great tips for adding volume every day. Schedule your next appointment today.